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Our Special Projects

With Your Support V for Victory Continues to Grow In the Many Way We Serve Local Families

Although the majority of our work is coordinating everyday direct services we are able to deliver special projects and programs as we continue to grow.


The VICTORY cart is a newly implemented physical coffee cart fully stocked with items (coffee, tea, etc) for families on the oncology unit at Wolfson’s Children’s hospital. The VICTORY cart’s “Cup of Comfort” is a gesture to families that they are not alone in this fight, that there is a community here to support them. It also serves as a way of introducing ourselves to families so that we might be able to provide valuable resources to them throughout their cancer journey. Help keep this cart stocked all year long!

Imerman Angels Mentorship Program

V for Victory has partnered with Imerman Angels to support our local V for Victory families being matched with a one-on-one support system as they navigate their cancer journey.  Imerman Angels is a cancer support nonprofit providing free, one-on-one support to cancer fighters, survivors, previvors and caregivers across the U.S. and around the world. Become a Mentor or a Mentee today!

Operation Lego

Lego is donating 5,000- 10,000 lego sets every year to V for Victory so that every child, every day, every month, every year that goes in for a spinal, a port injection or any other cancer related treatment on Weaver 4 at Wolfson Children Hospital will receive a Lego set. Connect with us to learn more about this program!

Create Something Beautiful

We are currently developing a day of service program designed to support local families with multiple handyman project needs that have been put aside as they focus on caring for their loved one. If you would like to get involved with this project, let us know!

Our Business Partners

Our Work Would Not Be Possible Without You

We provide opportunities for local business owners to give back to families in need.

We have a vision, that every individual and family in our community who is struggling with everyday demands while battling cancer will be supported and uplifted by other members within their community. If every business in Northeast Florida signed up to provide just one service or product one time a month, we could make that vision a reality together!

This is the Impact our Partners Make Every Day:

“The restaurant gift cards are great! Always making it easy to ask for help. We love you all and are beyond blessed by your gifts. You are always finding unique ways to help.”

The M Family

Benefitted from local services

“We are eternally grateful. You all bring sunshine to our dark times. Date nights, salon appointments, birthday cakes, cookie delivery… Not just bringing happiness to the patients but the entire family.”

-S Family

"These trees have been causing me the biggest headache and worries (the branches of both trees are scraping on my roof and falling down during storms causing a safety hazard). Now we can be safe and I can grow some grass. It’s really going to alleviate a lot of my stress and worries! I feel a weight lifted already!"

-L Family



See some of our dedicated business partners below. If you are looking to support a business making a positive impact in our local community, here are our personal recommendations. 

Home Care

Lawn Services

Auto Care

Food Services

Health and Wellness

Entertainment & Gifts


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